Susan Boyle fail to win in Britain’s Got Talent

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In series 3, Britain’s Got Talent become more popular than ever, with an especially large international audience thanks in large part to one of the most overrated reality TV contestants in recent memory, singer Susan Boyle.

As much hype as there was surrounding Boyle, mounting speculation during the semi-final rounds was that she was no sure thing to win, as there was a lot of talent (in addition to some acts that slipped through merely because they were desperate to fill 40 slots).
The top ten who competed in the final were:

2 Grand: grandfather and granddaughter singing duo (on her own, the granddaughter had potential, though either way Callum Francis should have advanced instead)
Aidan Davis: 12 year old dancer (who many said was better than last year’s winner George Sampson)
Diversity: male dance group
Flawless: male dance group
Hollie Steel: 10 year old singer (who many felt was put through with a pity vote after she broke down crying during her semi-final performance)
Julian Smith: saxophonist
Shaheen Jafargholi: 12 year old singer (arguably the best singer in the competition)
Shaun Smith: singer
Stavros Flatly: Greek dancing father and son seriously needing to start wearing shirts
Susan Boyle: singer

The top three acts as voted for by the public are: Susan Boyle, Julian Smith, and Diversity.

In third place is Julian Smith. The Britain’s Got Talent 2009 winner is Diversity. The group dance acts normally get lost in the shuffle, but their creativity made them stand out, which can be attributed largely to choreographer and lead dancer Ashley Banjo. With their win, they are now £100,000 richer and will be performing for the queen at the Royal Variety. As for the other acts, there are several who can make careers out of their talents, not the least of which is runner up Susan Boyle, who Simon Cowell will no doubt be signing any day now.

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