Hershey Sheyla is 32 years old, and she once held the World record for the biggest silicon breasts in the world. She survived a car accident thanks to her breasts that served as the airbag.

While driving to the house in Houston, where she currently lives, Hershey Sheyla from Brazil hit the tree and completely destroyed her car. However, she remained unharmed, thanks to huge breasts that are significantly eased back into the steering wheel.

Sheyla once held the World record for the largest artificial breasts in the world, but had to pull the implants after thirty enlargement surgery caused a potentially fatal infection.

"The fact that no longer have breasts killing me. I was not sure I can survive without them in 2012. I felt deformed," she said after removal of silicone implants. Brazilian recently underwent another operation to restore the old size.

Although the doctors and husband told her not to do this risky move, it turned out to be crucial for saving her life. The woman is accused of drunk driving without a seat belt and should appear in court in late March.

The world's most popular site for "exchange" of multimedia, Pirate Bay has announced that it changes way to download files.

Faced with pressure from the global battle against piracy, the world's largest torrent site has announced that switching to a new way of downloading on 29 February, more accurately file sharing movies, music, games, software ...

Official blog "Pirates":
In following with our decision to skip .torrent-files in the nearby future one of the biggest steps will come on the 29th of February. We will stop serving .torrent-files for all torrents that has has more than 10 peers from this date.

The so-called torrent files, will replace "magnet links". This basically means that the contents or files from now on, will be downloaded from a computer other users, and not from the website Pirate Bay.

It is expected that this will primarily mean slower downloading torrent, considering that in the beginning small number of people will share the magnet links.

Let us remind, one of the biggest torrent search engines BTJunkie, he decided to stop working last week after the U.S. Justice closed the file sharing site Megaupload. Swedish Justice upheld prison sentences against the founders of the Pirate Bay site.

Cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert, which is several thousand miles long, has blocked the sun and caused the suspension of air traffic in West Africa.

Satellite footage, made ​​by NASA, of the largest sandstorms in the last two years, shows a cloud of yellowish-brown color, which came from the Western Sahara to Mali.

Residents of Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, are covering their faces with scarves or remain in their homes, and drivers using light on their vehicles by day to cut through the mist.

The sandstorms had started two days ago, leaving thick layers of sand and dust on the sidewalks and windows.
In neighboring Senegal is called off dozens of flights, and dust particles reduce the visibility below 400 meters. 
Meteorologists say that the dust comes mainly from the Northwest Sahara, under the influence of seasonal wind that blows during the winter in the Northern hemisphere.

Such a sandstorms usually occur in the last four days of February and the first three days of March, according to residents of the region.

For the inhabitants on the Sahara Desert, these sandstorm was after the bad weather that came just a few days ago from Europe - snow that has claimed victims in Algeria.

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Before the placement of their advertising television channels, advertisers are often broadcasting over the Internet, to find out public reaction. Website "Viral Video" that evaluates ratings of videos on the Internet, has published a list of the most popular commercials on "YouTube" in January.

1. Volkswagen

Advertisement called "The Bark Side" shows a group of dogs whose barking creates the famous melody from the cult film "Star Wars".

2. Megaupload

Although the site "Megaupload" is recently shut down its advertising is still alive. Stars, such as P. Daddy, Kanye West and Mary J. Blige gave a contribution to this advertisement.

3. The Joy Of Books

he couple who ran a small store in Toronto has made this commercial in which he composed a great animation with music. Mentioned video shows what happens to the books at night. 

4. Honda

Actor Matthew Broderick is back again as 
Ferris Bueller, character from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Clear Day" (1986). In the commercial for the Honda he pretends to be ill to at least one day do what he want to do. 

5. Coca-cola

Coca-Cola Company in association with the singer by the name of Si Lemhaf, recorded the official anthem of Tunisia's national football team.