Survived the crash, her huge breasts were as the airbag

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Hershey Sheyla is 32 years old, and she once held the World record for the biggest silicon breasts in the world. She survived a car accident thanks to her breasts that served as the airbag.

While driving to the house in Houston, where she currently lives, Hershey Sheyla from Brazil hit the tree and completely destroyed her car. However, she remained unharmed, thanks to huge breasts that are significantly eased back into the steering wheel.

Sheyla once held the World record for the largest artificial breasts in the world, but had to pull the implants after thirty enlargement surgery caused a potentially fatal infection.

"The fact that no longer have breasts killing me. I was not sure I can survive without them in 2012. I felt deformed," she said after removal of silicone implants. Brazilian recently underwent another operation to restore the old size.

Although the doctors and husband told her not to do this risky move, it turned out to be crucial for saving her life. The woman is accused of drunk driving without a seat belt and should appear in court in late March.

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