The most popular commercials on "YouTube" in January

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Before the placement of their advertising television channels, advertisers are often broadcasting over the Internet, to find out public reaction. Website "Viral Video" that evaluates ratings of videos on the Internet, has published a list of the most popular commercials on "YouTube" in January.

1. Volkswagen

Advertisement called "The Bark Side" shows a group of dogs whose barking creates the famous melody from the cult film "Star Wars".

2. Megaupload

Although the site "Megaupload" is recently shut down its advertising is still alive. Stars, such as P. Daddy, Kanye West and Mary J. Blige gave a contribution to this advertisement.

3. The Joy Of Books

he couple who ran a small store in Toronto has made this commercial in which he composed a great animation with music. Mentioned video shows what happens to the books at night. 

4. Honda

Actor Matthew Broderick is back again as 
Ferris Bueller, character from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Clear Day" (1986). In the commercial for the Honda he pretends to be ill to at least one day do what he want to do. 

5. Coca-cola

Coca-Cola Company in association with the singer by the name of Si Lemhaf, recorded the official anthem of Tunisia's national football team.


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