Gina Carano Playboy Photos

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Gina Carano, the hottest lady in the world of MMA fighting is making headlines. Rumors were circulating that Gina Carano is going to pose for Playboy Magazine, though it wasn’t happened but the 25-year-old beauty has posed for Maxim Magazine and I must tell you, she is looking awesome in these pictures. Even outside the MMA ring, Gina Carano is very famous. Former back-up Dallas Cowboys quarterback Glenn Garano is the father of Gina Carano. Her amazing beauty made her famous as well. In 2008, Yahoo ranked Gina Carano as one of the 10 most influential women.

Gina Carano is also listed in the 100 Maxim celebrities. Gina dropped down to 141 lbs and she is looking even more attractive in her recent physique. Once she said in an interview that for Playboy, she’ll never pose nude but for the magazine, she has made an appearance. Gina will face Brazilian mauler Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos in her next fight. Cyborg is a splendid fighter and best known for brutality and aggressive style. On Showtime TV, Carano will be facing Cyborg this Saturday. It would be a wonderful fight as both the fighters are strong and competitive. If you are a fan of Gina Carano, see her Maxim Magazine pictures below and don’t forget to watch her fighting Cyborg, who is unbeaten in her last seven consecutive fights.

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