Meet Joey: The dog who is allergic to cats

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MOST dogs are not that fond of cats, but they really make five-year-old Joey sick.

The pooch is allergic to cat mites and moggies bring him out in a rash.

And he also has allergies to grass, daisies, dandelions, trees - and MEAT. Vets have found the only foods which don't make Joey ill are potatoes, oats and barley.

Joey's family took him to the vet because he was suffering from fur loss and rashes and seemed irritated all the time.

And blood tests revealed that the Alsatian cross has a bewildering range of allergies.

Owner Lisa McCormack, 25, said: "It was a real shock when his blood tests came back and we found out he is allergic to just about everything. It's almost as if he's allergic to the world.

"That includes all types of meats, which is obviously not good for a dog. He can't have beef, lamb, pork, chicken or anything."

Lisa, of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, and partner Scott Muirhead got Joey when he was a five-week-old pup and have been desperately worried about his health.

But he's getting back to his old self after vets at the Taylor practice in Cathcart, Glasgow, put him on a special diet and anti-allergy pills.

"Joey's looking much better," said Lisa, who works in a nursery.

"He's coming around all right now and his skin condition is improving."

Joey's pills normally cost £6 a day but the firm who make them have offered Lisa and Scott a two-month free supply.

Lisa said: "We're grateful to the vet and drug company for all they've done.

"You would think being allergic to meat would make Joey the saddest dog in Scotland, but he's really coming round."

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