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Andrews Peeping Tom Video, Erin, Oprah. Oprah, Erin. Yes that Letterman skit was years ago but more timely is ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews’ appearance on Oprah. She’ll break her silence in an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show the morning of September 11th.

Sports Illustrated broke the news Monday, offering few other details besides time and date. If you’re an American male you know the details but for everyone else late to the story, video of a naked Andrews shot through what appeared to be a peep hole surfaced several weeks ago. Its release prompted swift action by her attorneys and ESPN to suppress the video and seek action against whoever perpetrated the invasion of privacy crime against her.

Since then Andrews has apparently not been on ESPN broadcasts as part of a planned vacation but is set to return Thursday night as part of the network’s broadcast of college football’s first official game of 2009 between South Carolina and North Carolina State. That’ll be interesting, hm?

Few segments of society are more respectful and controlled when it comes to respecting women than college men — cough — and now she’s entering a stadium filled with thousands of them. I’d be shocked if ESPN wasn’t pressing security hard to confiscate any and all questionable signs in advance of the broadcast.

Whatever, tune in on the 11th to see the damage done to Andrews and how she’s gotten along since then.


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