Brice, forgive Serbia

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The citizens of Serbia were yesterday shocked and embittered at the news that the young Frenchman Brice Tautou (28) has died. On September 17 he came to Belgrade to support his football team from Toulouse against Partizan. However, a group of hooligans attacked him and several of his compatriots in the center of the capital. Yesterday at 10.00 CET Brice Tautou died at the Clinical Center of Serbia after twelve days of his and medical team’s struggle for his life.

People in Serbia are in shock and sorrow but they also request from the State to finally deal with hooligans and proves it is capable to offer security to all coming to Serbia. Today is the Day of Sorrow for Brice Tautou in Belgrade.
The perpetrators shall be charged with a criminal offense of murder for which they may be sentenced to 40 years in prison.
The attack was well organized. The police are still searching for one of the organizers of the lynching who is known to the police. That vandal is charged to have together with Ivan Grkovic (27) and Ljubomir Markovic (28) called by cell phone ‘Partizan’ fans ‘to prove their loyalty by attacking the ‘Toulouse’ fans’. That vandal is also believed to be a drug dealer and his criminal gang responsible for numerous shootings in Belgrade.
Immediately after the attack the police was in action 24 hours a day and the Embassy of France was kept permanently informed. After 24 hours ten hooligans were identified and arrested: Stefan Velickovic (21), Milan Tarlac (18), Dragan Tomasovic (20), Jovan Karbic (18), Bojan Matijevic (19), Branimir Cetnik (22), Vladan Suvajac (21), Milan Vujovic (19), Vladimir Boskovic (18) and Ivan Grkovic (27).
The District Court in Belgrade yesterday ordered autopsy of Brice Tautou’s body, that court’s spokesperson Ivana Ramic said. His parents are to give their statements today.
Serbia Minister of the Youth and Sport Snezana Samardzic Malovic yesterday lit a candle in front of the French Embassy Building and sent her deepest condolences to Brice Tautou’s parents.
‘As a Belgrader I am deeply saddened and ashamed’, she said.
One woman a citizen of Belgrade, laid flowers with inscription ‘Brice, forgive Serbia’. Other people joined her and lit candles.
Serbia Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic said that frequent attacks in Belgrade in recent days requested determined reaction by the State.
The State secretary of the Ministry for human and minority rights Marko Karadzic called on the citizens to lay flowers and lit candles at the Square of the Republic at 11.30 CET today. A walk of resistance to violence will take place on Thursday at 17.00 CET. Belgrade City Mayor Dragan Djilas shall take part in it.

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