Fit Leave A Comment The 50 Million Pound “Walk Off Challenge”

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Lace up them sneakers and LET’S GO! On Saturday September 12th Dr. Ian Smith’s 50 Million Pound Challenge has teamed up with mayors to hold health walks in more than sixteen communities across the nation. The Walk Off Challenge will not only bring people together in their own communities, but also unify others throughout the country to draw attention to the number one health issue facing America – obesity and illnesses that stem from being overweight, including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some forms of cancer. The 16 participating cities are Houston, TX ** Phoenix, AZ ** Philadelphia, PA ** Alexandria, VA ** Birmingham, AL **San Leandro, CA **Richmond, VA **Alexandria, LA ** Buffalo, NY **Garden City, KS **Greenville, MS **Morristown, TN **Niagara Falls, NY **Stratford, CT **Williamsport, PA **Glendale, AZ. However if you live outside of the participant cities you can still form your own team.
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