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Reginald Fieldy Arvizu, bassist of the popular band “Korn” which will perform at the EXIT Festival on Friday, July 10th, announces a great party in an exclusive interview for “Blic”. He claims that “Korn” sounds better than ever, explains why members of the band don’t mind being called the pioneers of New Metal and the reason why “Korn” will never be part of the mainstream music scene.

This is your first performance in Serbia. What can we expect at the EXIT Festival?

“We have been on tour for the past two and a half months and have made a set of classic “Korn” songs and I think that our concerts are better than ever!”

You are currently on “Escape From The Studio” tour. When do you plan to release a new album?
“We have made a break when it comes to making a new record and decided to spend several months on tour. Our next goal is to record an album which will bring us back to our roots, to the period when we played in a garage as kids. I am again collaborating with Ross Robinson who produced our first album and the material that we have recorded so far sounds incredibly good. I suppose that the record will be released in early 2010.”

Do you mind being called the pioneers of the New-Metal movement?
“We haven’t paid attention to it for quite a long time, but if people want to categorize us in that way, that’s all right. Every movement has to be titled somehow, isn’t that right?”

After thirty million sold records and immense world popularity, has “Korn” become part of the mainstream music scene or you still succeed to be an alternative band?
“In our opinion, “Korn” is not and will never be mainstream band. We do not fit anywhere, we are weird and it perfectly suits us. We are what we are and it is a great feeling to be authentic in the world full of plagiarism.”

You pay a great attention to your visual image and you are well-known for your interesting album covers…
“Nowadays it is very important to make the album worth buying. That is the reason why we strive to have interesting works of art on our covers, as well as a lot of additional material with our CDs.”

Five years ago you made a cover of the great hit “Another Brick in the Wall” of the band “Pink Floyd”.
“Jonathan Davis, the singer, and James "Munky" Shaffer, the guitarist, are big fans of “Pink Floyd” and they suggested doing that song and it turned out to be an excellent idea.”

You have recently published your autobiography “Got the Life” in which you describe your long fight against drug and alcohol addiction…
“It was a complicated period in my life, I had a really crazy journey through life and felt the urge to write about it. Most of the people who read the book say: ”I don’t believe that Fieldy is still alive or that he didn’t end up in prison.” When I go back to the past, I believe that I wouldn’t do a lot of things that I did. I want to believe that I learned a lot from my mistakes.”

Religion is obviously very important for the members of your band. In 2005, Brian Welch left the band when he rediscovered faith and you stopped drinking owing to religion?
“That experience is individual, it is like a miracle that happens to someone, but it depends on certain personality how he or she is going to react to it. I accepted it as a blessing and a sign that I have to change something in my life.”

Dou you have a message for your fans in Serbia?
“You are all invited to the concert! I would also like to ask the fans in front rows to be careful, because there is a possibility to get hurt in the crowd. However, if you want to go crazy with our music, come to Novi Sad on the 10th of July, it is the right place for you!”

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