South Carolina Serial Killer Patrick Tracy Burris Shot & Killed by Police in North Carolina

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The man suspected of being the South Carolina serial killer who murdered 5 people was shot to death by police investigating a burglary in Gastonia, NC. 41 year old Patrick Tracy Burris was shot and killed by police. He was identified as the same individual responsible for the murders of 5 people near Gaffney, South Caroline as police matched the bullets in the suspects gun to those used in the SC murders through ballistics tests.

Authorities did not immediately say where Burris was from.

“We have him. He’s our serial killer,” Dolan said Monday night.

Authorities said Burris has had several encounters with law enforcement over the years.

Dolan said the physical evidence leaves no doubt the slain suspect was the person who shot five people to death over six days. But investigators still have no idea why he started the killing spree June 27.

The citizens of Gaffney, SC can sleep more sound tonight knowing that the man who terrorized their community by killing 5 unsuspecting victims is himself dead tonight.

“We believe a killer is off the streets,” Lloyd said.

Burris was killed early Monday morning in Dallas, North Carolina, after police received a call about a possible burglary in progress, officers there said. At a news conference Monday evening, investigators described him as a “habitual felon” with a record in several states and who was on probation at the time he was killed.
South Carolina Serial Killer Suspect Is Dead, Police Say

The suspect was identified as Patrick Tracy Burris, 41, who was wanted for parole violations. The weapon he used last night in the North Carolina burglary matched the weapon used in the South Carolina shooting, said Gaffney County Sheriff Bill Blanton at a news conference Monday night. The suspect has numerous convictions for armed robbery, weapons possession, forgery and possessing stolen goods.

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