A man with five kidneys

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An Indian photographer, Jaswant Singh, is living with five kidneys after three donations from members of his family.

Mr Singh, 33, has had three transplant operations after donations from his two sisters and mother.

However, after the first two failed, doctors decided to leave the non-functioning organs inside him.

Mr Singh has received his latest kidney from his 55-year-old mother and is determined that this time the transplant will work.

Mr Singh had his first transplant in 2002 after both his kidney's suddenly failed.

The organ, which was donated by his older sister, Harjindar Kaur, 36, functioned for more than a year.

"However, my body rejected the kidney once I stopped post-operation medication because of financial constraints," he said.

Two years later, Mr Singh received another kidney, this time from his younger sister, Ranvir Kaur, 27. After 14 months, he was placed back on dialysis, after his body rejected the organ of yet another family member.

While discussing his latest transplant, Mr Singh cited his family's "determination to see me live," adding, "this time my mother, 55, gave me her bean shaped organ."

Amar Kaur, 56, offered to donate knowing it was her son's last chance.

"The new kidney is functioning properly so for," said Mr Singh, who lives in the Punjab. "But presently I am on heavy medication. It will become more clear after I cut down my medication in six months.

"It is very difficult to explain how much I have suffered. Sometimes I could not work for months at a time. I couldn't go far from my home or eat outside."

Doctors from India's National Kidney Hospital were so moved by the young photographer's story and the determination of his family, who spent £11,500 (Rs 900,000), that they performed Mr Singh's most recent transplant surgery for free.

"I was not able to afford the surgeries myself by running a photography shop. But I am thankful to my family. They sold their farmland to pay for my surgeries. My father sold about eight acres of land. "

Mr Singh's family makes a modest living - his brother is a driver and his father sells milk.

"I hope my body doesn't reject this kidney," he said. I do not know what to do if worst happens but still I have hopes on my family, on my brother and father.

"My sisters and my mother happily donated their kidneys for me. They were not scared at all and voluntarily did it.

"My sister told me, 'You are my brother and I will try to save your life even at the cost of my own life.' This really moved me. I cannot give them back anything in return.

"I cannot explain it in words and there is no way that I can pay them back. My life is indebted to them and it is their greatness that I am still living."

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